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In the late nineteenth century, Professor Jigoro Kano, a revered Japanese educator, developed the grappling art of judo from the ancient  fighting art of jujitsu. Kano wanted to develop a safe method of active practice and physical training which could also serve as an unrivaled system of self defense. His original form of judo was a profound success. Prof. Kano's original judo was, in turn, the forerunner of the the most popular modern forms of jujitsu which are practiced today. An Olympic sport since 1964, judo is practiced by millions, worldwide, & most modern forms of jujitsu grappling are based upon judo in some way. A high level of fitness is required for the practice of these modern forms of Kano's art, and for any of it's martial descendents. Anyone who takes up the serious study of either judo or jujitsu must become familiar with methods of developing  strength, endurance, flexibility, & general conditioning. Over many years, the instructors at SMMA have learned to use a carefully selected set of very effective methods of fitness training and conditioning to prepare even the most inexperienced new members of our club for the practice of classical judo, jujitsu, and kenpo. We are now offering these methods, in one-on-one exercise sessions, for those who wish to become more fit in a way which is consistent with Dr. Kano's origin vision of a lifelong, healthy activity- even for those who do not wish to learn the martial arts . Mark Lawrence (A.S., exercise science, B.A.), an experienced black belt in judo & jujitsu - who has also won national championship medals in both sumo and sambo - is now available for one-on-one personal training sessions. Whether you are starting to train again after a layoff, or you are simply in need of a patient, skillful & knowledgable trainer who can help you to achieve greater levels of strength, endurance and basic fitness, Big Mark can help! Mark's rates are: $20.00 /hour for students of SMMA, & $25.00 /hour for all others.

Please call (973) 906-3503
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Why Train with us?
South Mountain Martial Arts knowledgable instructors,  and our philosophy that it is better to train for long term health and fitness than for immediate results are among the primary reasons.
In our dojo, you can be assured that you will recieve the personal attention which will be needed for productive, effective workouts which are as safe as we can make them.
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SMMA is located on the top floor of 91 Main Street, in Madison, above the elegant British Home Emporium. The entrance to out building gives no hint of our large, well equipped space.  The trip up our stairs is well worth the effort!
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