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The throw (above) & the arm lock (below) are common techniques in judo, jujitsu, &  sambo. Both types of techniques are also integral components of our form of kenpo. Combat SAMBO is an all in fighting art. Sport SAMBO is a form of grappling, practiced worldwide. SAMBO is a Russian language acronym name which stands for "self defense without weapons" ("samo-oberona bes orusiya" or "samozaschita bes orusiya"). At the SMMA studio, SAMBO is taught as both a sport and as a method of self defense .. SAMBO is widely known for its throws, its take-downs and its grappling, especially it's repertoire of leg-locks. It originated as a widely and deeply researched Soviet military response to early Japanese judo.  It's originators made an exhaustive study of the world's prominent self-defense methods, both unarmed and "minimally armed" (e.g., knives, short sticks, entrenching tools, et cetera ). They produced an activity which had applications for unarmed self-defense, restraint and control, and for sport/physical training. Our SAMBO syllabus includes all of the techniques of the three 3 major forms of SAMBO (i.e., SAMBO wrestling, freestyle SAMBO wrestling - which includes chokes- and combat SAMBO, a style of all-in fighting). Please Note: Qualified participants in our jujitsu and our kenpo sessions may elect to be ranked in SAMBO, and they may participate in properly sanctioned SAMBO contests.

Fees: $120.00 per month for access to all group classes, except fencing:  New students will also need an activity appropriate uniform. Insurance fees may be required. Two or more family members discount for all group classes, except fencing: $100.00 per month for each family member
Our adult Sambo/Combat Sambo classes are held on Mondays, from 8:00 - 9:30 PM, and Wednesdays, from 7:30 - 9:00 PM. Instructors
South Mtn. Jujitsu
SMMA is located on the top floor of 91 Main Street, in Madison, above the elegant British Home Emporium. The entrance to out building gives no hint of our large, well equipped space.  The trip up our stairs is well worth the effort!